7 habits of highly successful people that you can borrow to help you be successful (Not a rehash of the book with a similar name)

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HABIT 1 — Plan your Day the Night Before

Give these 6 practical techniques a try.

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5 Positives to emerge out of the COVID pandemic

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If done well, you can create a Personal Legend!

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Some Useful Journal Prompts to aid your Self-Development

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The most overlooked yet so obvious secret to ‘success’

Reinvent your life in 2021 by creating a personal brand

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A message to give you hope during difficult times

  1. It’s come to teach you something you need to know before…

Whenever you hear the word “you” it influences your subconscious mind more than you realize.

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Never set goals without these two techniques which are the key to achieving goals but are mostly not talked about.

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Sandra Di Francesco

I’m Sandra, from Australia and I love to write about the 3 P’s — Personal Growth, Personal Development & Psychology. Follow me to create a Better You!

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