In honor of Mental Health Week here are 13 mental health tips for all year round.

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Steal these advertising secrets to use as motivation hacks

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7 habits of highly successful people that you can borrow to help you be successful (Not a rehash of the book with a similar name)

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Give these 6 practical techniques a try.

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5 Positives to emerge out of the COVID pandemic

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If done well, you can create a Personal Legend!

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Some Useful Journal Prompts to aid your Self-Development

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The most overlooked yet so obvious secret to ‘success’

Reinvent your life in 2021 by creating a personal brand

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A message to give you hope during difficult times

Sandra Di Francesco

I’m Sandra, from Australia and I love to write about the 3 P’s — Personal Growth, Personal Development & Psychology. Follow me to create a Better You!

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